Our Vision

Healthcare is Changing...


The advancements in digital health have thrown a curveball at many companies who are used to the past when healthcare was a stable industry with a few, reliable business models. Changing demographic trends, policy reforms, and shifting consumer behavior has created an ecosystem filled with disruption and unlike anything seen before. Leaders are no longer able to succeed by implementing the same, tired strategies that have worked in the past.

Today, the name of the game is digital innovation and many healthcare organizations are not prepared for this next wave.

Junto Health is an advisory firm & technology consortium that equips healthcare executives with the perspective, know-how, and relationships they need to lead their organizations confidently into the Era of Digital Medicine and deploy meaningful technology that advances human well-being.

We advise management teams on their innovation strategy & market trends, facilitate collaborations between large organizations, convene senior leaders for confidential Summits, and develop & manage complex strategic digital health & technology projects for organizations.


...shouldn't your strategy?

Our firm's unique experiences & expertise differentiates us from other organizations and allows us to creatively & intelligently develop bespoke solutions for each and every one of our clients.

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Strategy 2.0

We advise clients on their growth &
innovation strategies, informed by our
experience working on each side of the
table & broad network of prospective

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Custom Collaborations

We launch & facilitate small, nimble
groups of complementary Members aligned
around a shared challenge & committed to
working together to find or co-develop a

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Curated Community

Our recurring private events put ~50 C-
suite/senior leaders from every market
vertical in a confidential forum for
peer-to-peer learning & strategic
partnership development.