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Growth Hacking NYC

  • 43 West 23rd Street New York, NY, 10010 United States (map)

New York City is quickly becoming a major player in health tech as benefits to situating companies in this east coast mecca continue to become evident. Already a power player in many industries, NYC’s role in health tech may have just become cemented with Flatiron Health’s $1.9 billion acquisition.

The question remains however, how is the industry as a whole scaling and growing within this city of 8.5 million?

Join us as we take a deep dive into the scaling of health tech companies and the investment ecosystem in New York City.


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Scott Sansovich

Co-Founder, CPO, Eden Health

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Sam Sia

Co-Founder, Harlem Biospace

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Matthew Loper

CEO, Wellth

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Gurdane Bhutani

Co-Founder, Managing Partner, FundRx

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Michelle Anand

Senior Project Manager, NYCEDC

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Nikhil Krishnan

Senior Industry Analyst, CB Insights