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Introducing Your Product

For this 4th and final part of the Healthcare Hacks series it is time to tackle one of the most important elements of the selling process – introducing your product/service. You have finally carried your startup all the way through the doors of the necessary decision makers but now it is time for it to stand up on its own two feet and make a lasting impression. There is only once chance to make a first impression and if this is done wrong you and your business will most likely find yourselves on the way out of the room.

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Defining a Value Proposition

Part 2 of our Healthcare Hacks series examines how to define a value proposition. A value proposition is the promise of value to be delivered once your product/service has been acquired by a user. It is nearly impossible to sell a product if clients are unable to easily imagine how they will be able to derive value from utilizing your good. This is where you must differentiate yourself from competitors and highlight why your specific company is poised to deliver the largest value to consumers.

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Defining the Problem

In this four-week series, Healthcare Hacks, we will be discussing tips regarding how to define the problem/need, how to define value propositions, how to actually get in the door of healthcare providers, and how to introduce your product/service to a new audience. While we cannot provide a definitive guide to making a sale, as certain tactics work better than others depending on where and to whom you are selling, we believe this series will help shed light on some of the general best practices.

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