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Junto Health: Akiri

Data privacy and security is one of the largest challenges facing the healthcare industry. Medical records sell for $1000 on the dark web. Healthcare organizations spend thousands of dollars thwarting ransomeware attacks, and paying for the damages of successful attacks. In 2016, 88% of ransomeware attacks were in the healthcare industry, making healthcare the primary target of such attacks. The efficacy of patient care, and patient safety, are both compromised when data remains unprotected. Healthcare IT professionals have to take many time-consuming and expensive measure to protect patient data.

Enter Akiri. Akiri is combines a private network and an open platform to securely share data. Only subscribers inside of the created network can share data within the network, ensure that data is protected. Akiri serves patients, providers, physicians, pharma, developers, and papers alike, preventing fraudulent uses of personal health information.

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