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Junto Profile: Healx

Of late, we have seen Artificial Intelligence (AI) transform the healthcare landscape in ways previously unimaginable. Many believe that AI has the capability to increase both the efficiency and the accuracy of the healthcare industry. Many startups have already explored how AI can be applied to various facets of medical treatment, ranging from pathology, to medical imaging, to genomics, to vision assistance. AI has also been used to help healthcare companies organize and manage their operations.

Under the leadership of Tim Guilliams, Healx is introducing AI to an special group of patients in need of treatment: those with rare diseases. Through their novel AI platform Healnet, Healx uses AI to match patients with the most appropriate treatment. Rare diseases are often difficult to manage, as their associated symptoms and other intricacies can be difficult to track. Furthermore, many rare diseases currently do not have appropriate medications for treatment, so funding and direction for drug discovery is still needed . Aligning the priorities of Pharma and rare disease patients can be challenging, as rare disease treatment medications may not generate the same revenue as ‘blockbuster’ medications. With rare disease patients in mind, Healx looks to revolutionize the way medical professionals diagnose and treat rare diseases so everyone, no matter what ills them, receives the care they deserve. We spoke with CEO Tim Guilliams to learn more about what Healx has accomplished, and what they are looking to do next.

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