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Junto Profile: Awair

Wearable fitness devices were the first health technology products that truly made me consider whether health tech had the ability to make a big splash into the average, consumer goods marketplace. With fitness devices, you did not have to have a particular illness or set of health needs to find use for them, which is rare in the health tech world. While their merits may still be debated, it was still nonetheless remarkable that all the sudden one day everyone was monitoring their steps on their wrists.

Ronald Ro and his team at Awair have developed a consumer-facing healthcare product that, similar to the wearable fitness device, may soon be found in the hands of individuals all across the country.  Awair is a sleek device that monitors the quality of air in a room and then provides recommendations to create a healthier home environment. This device is moving beyond simply monitoring the health of one's body and is instead taking into account the large impact that the environment plays on health outcomes. The premise behind Awair is that you should not only be worrying about air quality once you are suffering from the adverse consequences of pollution, chemicals, or dust. Instead, you should be working to stabilize your environment and prevent these adverse consequences from ever arising. 

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An Interview with the Woman Who Coined "Femtech" - Ida Tin

At Junto Health we were lucky to have the chance to speak with the woman who coined the term “femtech”, Ida Tin, who is the CEO and co-founder of the female health application Clue.

Clue was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2013 when this technology movement first began to rise and has since grown its membership and reach. With a belief that “connected mobile technology is the future of female health”, Clue enables users to share information regarding menstrual cycles with partners, family, and friends. Ida took time to explain why this was an important aspect of the app’s design, and also how Clue is continuing to grow. 

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Junto Profile: Buoy Health

Digital health today has taken notice of the desire for an immediate diagnosis along with the increased desire for accuracy. Now users are able to have a personal, multi-level analysis of their symptoms with actionable next steps and more accurate diagnoses. One of the companies that is leveraging the potential of AI in this manner is Buoy Health. Buoy Health was founded in 2014 by Dr. Andrew Le, Adam Lathram, Nate Ren, and Eddie Reyes. Le recently spent time telling us about his inspiration for heading down this digital health pathway and the future the he sees for online symptom platforms.

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Junto Profile: Quartet

With many pressures facing states and budget barriers some digital health companies are look for solutions to help solve this gap in care. One of those companies is Quartet. Founded in 2014, Quartet is a cloud based platform that "connects primary care and mental health providers to improve outcomes for patients with chronic conditions". Their goal of this integration is to help patients from falling through the cracks and not receiving proper treatment.

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Overcoming Social Determinants to Health Care Benefits All

This week our first guest author post is from Eric Conner, a co-founder of the software platform Healthify. Healthify is a leading software provider to hospitals, health plans, and provider networks in low-income communities. Their platform enables care providers to easily search, track, and communicate with community resources to help eliminate the gap in the referral process. Conner focused his guest article for this week on how overcoming social determinants to health care provide a benefit to everyone in the community.

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Junto Health & HealthTech Women

We are excited to announce an official partnership between Junto Health and HealthTech Women. In today's current state of healthcare reform and policy changes it of vital importance that women have a voice in the healthcare industry. The widely circulated images from a few weeks ago of an all-male room discussing women's health issues in the American Health Care Act is just one demonstration of why women need a seat at the table. 

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Junto Profile: MEDIGO

Medical tourism has been growing over the recent years due to both the affordability of travel options and the rising cost of healthcare in some countries. While the numbers are difficult to pin down exactly, it was estimated that in 2016 there were 1,400,000 Americans who traveled outside of the country for healthcare related purposes. The Berlin based company MEDIGO has begun to capitalize upon this increasing market share with their platform aimed at connecting together individuals and international clinics. 

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Defining the Problem

In this four-week series, Healthcare Hacks, we will be discussing tips regarding how to define the problem/need, how to define value propositions, how to actually get in the door of healthcare providers, and how to introduce your product/service to a new audience. While we cannot provide a definitive guide to making a sale, as certain tactics work better than others depending on where and to whom you are selling, we believe this series will help shed light on some of the general best practices.

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