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Junto Profile: Nicotrax

We all know how difficult it is to quit smoking. Whether we have learned through mass media campaigns, watching friends or family members battle addiction, or battled addiction ourselves, the health consequences of smoking are not unknown. Sixteen million people in the United States live with smoking-related diseases. However, despite the public perception of smoking as dangerous and harmful, 34.3 million people in the United States still smoke.

A major reason that many people continue to smoke is because quitting is incredibly difficult. Only 4-7% of people who attempt to quit smoking are able to do so once-and-for-all. Many Americans have spent decades formulating this addictive habit, and despite their doctors’ warnings, various treatment programs, and their family’s pleadings, they simply cannot stop.

Enter Nicotrax. Nicotrax uses digital technology to optimize the efficacy of smoking therapeutics. Using Artificial Intelligence, Nicotrax personalizes treatment plans for smokers, allowing them to quit faster and more cost-effectively. At the frontier of digital health, Nicotrax gives smokers hope that quitting is possible.

We spoke with the Kyle Linton, CEO of Nicotax, to learn more about Nicotrax’s innovative approach to therapeutics for those who smoke.

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Junto Profile: Spry Health

In the United States in 2014, chronic conditions accounted for 7 of the top 10 major deaths. Nearly 93% of all Medicare costs are on treatment for chronic health conditions like heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. An estimated 195 million Americans live with a chronic disease but healthcare institutions have yet to find an effective solution for care.

That’s where Spry Health comes in. Founded in 2013 by Pierre-Jean “PJ” Cobut and Elad Ferber, the startup has created a wearable device, called “The Loop,” that updates doctors on their chronically ill patient’s health status. The logic behind the device is simple: if doctors can get updated continuously on their patient’s health data, they can prevent some emergencies. Spry Health recently won the MedTech Breakthrough award for Best Biometric Sensor Solution. 

We interviewed Pierre-Jean Cobut last week to discuss wearables, the state of chronic health care provision currently, and what to expect from this relatively new company in the next year.

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3 Health Tech Companies to Watch in 2018

Heading out of 2017 and into the New Year, the health tech battlefield is littered with countless startups who garnered investments but soon fell to the unique pressures felt in the healthcare space. At Junto, we have been able to have a sidelines view of these trials and tribulations as we have guided our larger providers and pharmaceutical members through different phases of digital innovation. 

While plenty of companies have impressed us with their tenacity and drive, a few stood out for their unique vision and solutions to the healthcare ecosystem's struggles on both the clinician and patient side. Here is our roundup of 3 startups that thoroughly impressed us this year and that you should be sure to keep an eye on as we head into 2018, because they are most definitely positioned for even more success.

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Is Location the Key to Real Innovation in Healthcare?

A guest author post by Juan Gonzalez: As a co-founder of InsightMedi, a small healthcare startup from Europe with business operations in the United States, I frequently get asked about the differences between working in one market or the other. Most commonly, I am asked about differences between the perception of a company and the value they create, the aversion to risk, the available talent, the size of fundraising operations, and the culture of innovation. It goes without saying that every experience is unique, but I would like to think that after spending three-plus years running the business in both ecosystems, there are greater similarities than there are differences. 

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Introducing Your Product

For this 4th and final part of the Healthcare Hacks series it is time to tackle one of the most important elements of the selling process – introducing your product/service. You have finally carried your startup all the way through the doors of the necessary decision makers but now it is time for it to stand up on its own two feet and make a lasting impression. There is only once chance to make a first impression and if this is done wrong you and your business will most likely find yourselves on the way out of the room.

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Junto Health & HealthTech Women

We are excited to announce an official partnership between Junto Health and HealthTech Women. In today's current state of healthcare reform and policy changes it of vital importance that women have a voice in the healthcare industry. The widely circulated images from a few weeks ago of an all-male room discussing women's health issues in the American Health Care Act is just one demonstration of why women need a seat at the table. 

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Defining a Value Proposition

Part 2 of our Healthcare Hacks series examines how to define a value proposition. A value proposition is the promise of value to be delivered once your product/service has been acquired by a user. It is nearly impossible to sell a product if clients are unable to easily imagine how they will be able to derive value from utilizing your good. This is where you must differentiate yourself from competitors and highlight why your specific company is poised to deliver the largest value to consumers.

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Defining the Problem

In this four-week series, Healthcare Hacks, we will be discussing tips regarding how to define the problem/need, how to define value propositions, how to actually get in the door of healthcare providers, and how to introduce your product/service to a new audience. While we cannot provide a definitive guide to making a sale, as certain tactics work better than others depending on where and to whom you are selling, we believe this series will help shed light on some of the general best practices.

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Advice for Startups from A Venture Director

Initially launching your first startup can be a major struggle, especially in the digital health realm. It can be hard to find a straight answer as to what you should do if you are a healthcare startup that is looking to make a big splash and gain investors. To help cut through some of the noise we decided to ask a director of ventures at a major New York hospital for his top tips for startups.

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