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Junto Views From the Summit: Part 1

On June 14th, Junto held its 2018 Summer Summit at Cornell Tech’s newly opened campus on Roosevelt Island. Summits are invite-only events that bring together over 50 senior executives, representing nearly 40 organizations, for a day of knowledge sharing, networking, and collaborative project development. Our Summits reflect our view that many of the problems faced in the healthcare industry today will only be solved by breaking down organizational silos and working with complementary partners.

At each Summit, we ask community members who are doing innovative work within their organizations to share their expertise, with the goal of inspiring, teaching, and cross-collaborating with others in our community. Our speakers share their insights  and “how-to” stories; these discussions have proven helpful to industry veterans as well as recent entrants.

Our first speakers at this year’s Summer Summit were Dr. Dodi Meyer and Isaac Kastenbaum from New York-Presbyterian, who shared their experience designing, co-developing, and implementing a comprehensive screening system for social determinants of health (SDOH). They identified 4 key takeaways of their new screening initiative, based on the challenges they faced along the way.

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Overcoming Social Determinants to Health Care Benefits All

This week our first guest author post is from Eric Conner, a co-founder of the software platform Healthify. Healthify is a leading software provider to hospitals, health plans, and provider networks in low-income communities. Their platform enables care providers to easily search, track, and communicate with community resources to help eliminate the gap in the referral process. Conner focused his guest article for this week on how overcoming social determinants to health care provide a benefit to everyone in the community.

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