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No, Your Doctor Won't be Replaced by a Robot

A guest post by MDCalc Founder & CEO, Joe Habboushe: AI has been taking over medical tasks for 50+ years – improving, not replacing, doctor’s ability to care. Recently, several large tech companies have tried to sell AI as something new: a mysterious black box that can “sniff out” diagnoses and treatments and eventually replace docs. Beyond their inability to explain how they’re planning to develop such technology - beyond a general hand waving around “big data” - they also seem to ignore that artificial intelligence has been changing medicine for decades. It has not replaced doctors. In fact, we are actually currently experiencing a physician shortage. However, AI has been beneficial on other fronts with its ability to increase the quality and quantity of care we provide.

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When Emotion Gets in the Way of Adoption: Overcoming the Fundamental Challenge for any Health Tech Company

Recently, the Chief Product Officer of Celmatix, Angie Lee, gave an incredibly engaging speech at an event held by HealthTech Women called "Take Charge of Your Reproductive Health & Biological Clock". Focused on the advances in DNA and reproductive health technology, and how this information is empowering women to make smarter decisions about their health, this talk provided a platform for a topic that is often pushed to the side and behind closed doors.

Inspired by the speech she gave, we asked Angie to expand further on her thoughts about the importance of presenting data in an approachable manner to address infertility by authoring a guest article for us.  


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