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No, Your Doctor Won't be Replaced by a Robot

A guest post by MDCalc Founder & CEO, Joe Habboushe: AI has been taking over medical tasks for 50+ years – improving, not replacing, doctor’s ability to care. Recently, several large tech companies have tried to sell AI as something new: a mysterious black box that can “sniff out” diagnoses and treatments and eventually replace docs. Beyond their inability to explain how they’re planning to develop such technology - beyond a general hand waving around “big data” - they also seem to ignore that artificial intelligence has been changing medicine for decades. It has not replaced doctors. In fact, we are actually currently experiencing a physician shortage. However, AI has been beneficial on other fronts with its ability to increase the quality and quantity of care we provide.

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Is Location the Key to Real Innovation in Healthcare?

A guest author post by Juan Gonzalez: As a co-founder of InsightMedi, a small healthcare startup from Europe with business operations in the United States, I frequently get asked about the differences between working in one market or the other. Most commonly, I am asked about differences between the perception of a company and the value they create, the aversion to risk, the available talent, the size of fundraising operations, and the culture of innovation. It goes without saying that every experience is unique, but I would like to think that after spending three-plus years running the business in both ecosystems, there are greater similarities than there are differences. 

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Overcoming Social Determinants to Health Care Benefits All

This week our first guest author post is from Eric Conner, a co-founder of the software platform Healthify. Healthify is a leading software provider to hospitals, health plans, and provider networks in low-income communities. Their platform enables care providers to easily search, track, and communicate with community resources to help eliminate the gap in the referral process. Conner focused his guest article for this week on how overcoming social determinants to health care provide a benefit to everyone in the community.

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