What we do



Clusters are small, nimble groups of complementary members who work together towards a shared goal. Typically, clusters include multiple types of stakeholders (payors, providers, pharma). Clusters produce a range of output, including "Hard Output" (new technology, joint pilots, investment opportunities) and "Soft Output" (knowledge assets, shared learning workshops).


  • Reduce time & money needed to find or develop a solution
  • Share risk across members, increasing ROI
  • Develop working relationships with complementary peers


We filter the noise of the early stage ecosystem, using our unique network & expertise to identify new tech that aligns to Members’ priorities and the future policy landscape. When members have a discrete need, we source & vet emerging tech companies for customized partnerships, simplifying and streamlining the process for both sides of the table.


  • Tap our expertise & network to find best in class tech
  • Spend less time looking for new tech & more time working with it
  • Increase the quality & speed of your internal vetting


Quarterly summits provide a recurring forum to learn from peer experts, connect with partners, and launch clusters. Each Summit has a mix of learning, connecting, and launching, but the emphasis of those 3 elements is rotated based on Member needs. By getting the right people in the same room and shutting the doors, we create a neutral space for rapid learning & partnership discovery.


  • Rapid knowledge sharing in a confidential setting
  • Launch partnerships discussions with a self-selected group
  • Learn & connect with like minded leaders in closed door settings