Times. Have. Changed.

Today, the healthcare industry is in flux, and leaders must navigate many threats.

These threats are both near term & long term, traditional & new.

Legacy business models cannot maintain growth or defend market share. Executives have urgent need to redesign their competitive strategies to survive.


Navigating an
uncertain market
requires a new approach

To succeed in today’s market, leaders need 
four key ingredients.

1. Access to Willing Partners

In this period of uncertainty, “going it alone” is not an option; leaders need an easy way to find willing partners in real time.

2. Engagement with (Quality) New Tech

Leaders ignore new technologies at their peril; they must continually engage young companies & learn ways to quickly filter the noise.

3. Channel to External Ideas & Expertise

Leaders face complex challenges, requiring fluency across many domains; typically, the expertise they need will not be found in-house.

4. Disciplined, Standardized Process

No more “spray & pray” for innovation investments; leaders must adopt a consistent process to find opportunities & create ROI.


In a changing industry, legacy solutions have dimishing returns

There are a few places to find these four ingredients, but they are too silo’d & episodic for today’s market conditions.


+ Industry Conferences

  • Increasingly expensive with large opportunity costs
  • Agendas determined by vendor sponsorships, not industry needs
  • Difficult to build trusted personal relationships with episodic contact

+ Accelerators & Incubators

  • Many solutions are not ready to scale with large customers
  • Over-crowded marketplace with high variance of quality
  • With over 130 health tech accelerators in 2017, which ones do you attend?

+ Innovation Consultants

  • Static reports quickly lose value in an evolving industry
  • Bundled contracts can be inflexible to unique needs
  • Can create ongoing dependency; exec’s want to "fish for themselves"

At Junto Health, we give health care leaders the tools they need to lead themselves into this new era of challenges.