Fall Summit Insights

“The future is not a point, it’s a range.”

– Chip Heath & Dan Heath

Healthcare innovation is going too fast for anyone to truly know where we are heading. The Big Idea for our Fall Summit is felt intuitively by most healthcare leaders and is captured in the quote, “The future is not a point, it’s a range.” 


Healthcare Startups in 2015

Changes in tech, policy and business models are happening faster & faster, and many experts don’t agree on what’s coming next. In less than 5 years, the number of Health IT accelerators has increased 10x and there are now nearly 10,000 health tech startups in the market.


Healthcare focused Accelerators

5        50

2011         2015

Without the ability to predict the exact impact of a new policy, pick the winning disruptive technology, or anticipate the rise of an entirely new competitor, it’s clear that healthcare leaders need an open approach to finding innovation

At Junto Health, we believe the winning approach is flexible, opportunistic, & collaborative. Large organizations that choose to place themselves at the right cross currents of tech, policy, and clinical innovation will be successful in this period of rapid change.


building a group evaluation process

Many healthcare stakeholders are now actively looking for innovative startups, yet lack a clear & repeatable process for sourcing & vetting these emerging technology companies. To address this shared challenge, Aetna, Montefiore, Boehringer-Ingelheim, and Sachs Policy Group worked collaboratively to design and run a group evaluation process.

a new approach to assessing labor costs

In a clinical setting, labor cost is the most difficult component to accurately measure and is often estimated using stopwatches & human observation. Leaders need better tools to capture & assess how much time is spent by clinicians doing the business of medicine. Philips, Yinformatics, & Allied Pediatrics are taking a novel approach, leveraging passive technology to capture, extract, and classify how time is spent in the clinical setting.

major challenges driving change

Sachs Policy Group discusses the top trends driving change in the market:

  • The rise of convergence & consolidation encourage shared risk & responsibility
  • Time & resources are stretched across the industry

  • Digesting the growing amount of information slows decision making.


Download the full recap of the Fall Summit

  1. New Junto Health Member, Planned Parenthood share aspects of their innovation strategy and ways to engage.
  2. To overcome the challenges associated with bringing innovative tech into a large health system, North Shore-LIJ launches the Center for HIT.
  3. Healthware International announces new services for Junto Health Members to aid in the development & marketing of more ambitious healthcare technology initiatives.
  4. Three successful HIT startups, Aver, Pegged, and Cureatr, discuss how they help clients navigate macro trends in healthcare in our Trend-driven Tech Roundtable
  5. Junto Health welcomed four tech-forward North Shore-LIJ clinicians to discuss current projects & opportunities for Junto Collaborations.
  6. Meet founders who took the leap into HIT from other industries in our Innovation Migration Roundtable.