New Ventures Studio

When a large opportunity arises, Junto Health will embed with your team to identify, develop, and launch new commercial ventures. 

From new products & new companies to strategic partnerships, we work closely with you bringing to bear our experience helping to commercialize dozens of emerging healthcare technologies.


Avoid the common pitfalls of new commercial ventures


For a large organization, launching a new product or company requires more than a good idea, prototypes, and a 3-year business plan. There is a trail of expensive #fails across the healthcare industry.

+ Too many eggs in one basket

Large, expensive, long term bets required to build a startup in house results in very low diversification of innovation “bets.”

+ Helicopter parenting

The natural corporate instinct to protect such large investments often leads to NewCo’s launching without a validated business model, artificially propelled forward by the resources of the home organization.

+ Corporate Myopia

Internally incubated projects that show promise often get pulled away from broad market applicability & into specific applications, resulting in corporate myopia, or “building solutions to only your problems.”

+ External Distrust

Internally incubated solutions can repel the early adopters required for commercial success, as some customers may distrust the NewCo and the threat of “getting shopped” can deter external partners from engaging.


How to succeed with new ventures

In today’s rapidly shifting & increasingly competitive landscape of healthcare technology, successful commercializations requires an entrepreneur’s toolbox: opportunistic mentality, gritty persistence, diverse set of skills, high personal risk tolerance, previous startup experience, and the right incentivization to stay engaged throughout the certain bumps along the way.

Corporate ventures also need independence & relative autonomy from their home organization, so they can engage customers & partners opportunistically & make strategic decisions with speed & agility.


Play to your strengths,
borrow ours


Junto brings your team a unique set of expertise, experience, and network.


Junto Health is a team of entrepreneurs, who have founded, funded, advised, and mentored over 100 technology startups. We have taken ideas from the napkin to acquisition, triaged existing startups whose commercialization engine had stalled, and worked with tech transfer offices to help intrapreneurs be successful. 

We combine our hands-on entrepreneurial experience with our deep understanding of large enterprise innovation strategies and our network of customers & capital providers. Junto Health is a plug-and-play commercialization partner for new corporate ventures. 


Jumpstart any venture with an experienced team


+ Plug & Play launch

  • Accelerated ramp up with direct guidance from experts & practitioners
  • Leapfrog your competitors by “bolting on” a team of experienced entrepreneurs to your organization’s scale
  • Expand your portfolio of innovation projects & diversify “bets” by outsourcing large operational lifts
  • Tap into a large network of trusted peers & partners across every vertical of health care, policy, startups, and funders
  • Leverage Junto’s neutrality to get on the same side of the table with prospective customers

+ Lower costs, better results

  • Shorten time to market for new products & services, accelerating profits & improving your competitive position
  • Reduce direct spending on commercialization by working with complementary organizations
  • Generate a better ROI than M&A
  • Decrease the rate (and cost) of failed projects by using a disciplined experimentation process
  • Shift your sunken costs to variable costs, making your team more capital efficient
  • Avoid cyclical layoffs for your team with turnkey ramp-up/wind-down

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