Enterprise Open Innovation


For leaders who are ready to adopt Open Innovation across their enterprise.

Junto Health will work with you to define strategic priorities and then guide you through an end-to-end process of launching & scaling OI at your organization.


Education & Training

We start by listening & learning about you:

  • Core Team Members
  • Current Priorities
  • Acute Challenges
  • Long Term Objectives

Your team will learn the fundamentals of Open Innovation through expert led-seminars, activity-based workshops, and real-world experimentation sprints. Junto leads focused workshops with internal stakeholders to generate buy-in across the matrix (ie, C Suite, legal, IT, front line).



After laying the foundational know-how, we guide you through implementation of OI. This includes:

  1. Creating a clear mandate for your team
  2. Onboarding your colleagues onto your OI management platform
  3. Developing & implementing new internal processes
  4. Manage risks associated with intellectual property & data security by leveraging our library of templates & workflows

To help drive awareness of your launch we: 

  • Develop a messaging campaign, launch event, PR push.

  • Establish an external advisory board for ongoing support



Once OI is implemented, a dedicated Junto team member supports your team across every aspect of the OI process:

  • Internal ideation & consensus building
  • External partnership discovery
  • Successfully managing the common corporate antibodies.

With biweekly calls & on-demand support, Junto is your advocate, your guide, and your scout as you scale OI at your organization.


What's Included

Soup to nuts package for launching your successful OI strategy

+ Knowledge & Expertise

Learn the fundamentals of Open Innovation from practitioners before gaining fluency in Junto Health’s proprietary method for applying OI principles to established businesses in healthcare

+ Team Development & Training

  • For Team Leaders: How to effectively lead and manage OI teams
  • For Teams: Activity-based learning workshops, on-sites, expert seminars from practitioners

+ Creating your Team’s Culture & Mandate

Understand the critical importance of developing the right culture within your organization, and actionable steps for building the right culture.

+ Strategic Planning

Step by step guidance through our OI Strategic Planning Checklist: clear mandate, strong strategic purpose, key ideation themes, internal & external stakeholder analysis, internal communication language & strategy

+ Tools & Templates

JOIN.partners licenses for your organization Standard templates for streamlining your OI process

+ Ongoing Support

On call support for navigating common obstacles like legal, IT, or procurement. On call triage for partnerships/projects that begin to stall.

+ Tailored Network Development

Curated access to the Junto network of SME’s, Founders, partners assistance launching your advisory board with key internal/external people.

+ Team Leader’s Success

Monthly check-ins to help you resolve sensitive issues, prioritize ever-changing needs, and plan roadmap. Quarterly check-ins to help you track progress and communicate effectively with internal leaders


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