Accelerate your learning curve


Learn the principles of Open Innovation & how to apply them to your business.

Summer summit

Junto Open Innovation Bootcamps

Junto Health offers an immersive, hands-on bootcamp to learn the fundamentals of Open Innovation and how it can be applied in your organization. 

Step 1: Learn

We start with expert-guided seminars, in which your team will gain a working fluency of the open innovation process as well as notable use cases. 

Step 2: Apply

After acquiring the foundational knowledge, we move from theory to practice at your organization. With real world workshops, your team will be roll up their sleeves and begin applying the OI approach to specific challenges or opportunities at your organization.


Come with questions,
leave with brass tacks

As a healthcare executive, we know time is your most valuable asset, and learning about open innovation is only helpful if it's directly applied to your real world business challenges.

Your team will leave our bootcamps with a working fluency of open innovation, as well as actionable tools & templates that can be applied immediately to real business needs. 

  • 5) Cheat sheet 
for navigating corporate antibodies
  • 1) Working fluency in the principles of Open Innovation
  • 2) Tools & templates for setting up & running your OI process
  • 3) Co-created shortlist of prospective partners & projects
  • 4) Methods to develop internal buy-in & keep your C Suite updated

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